Objectives of the society:

  • To establish Critical Care Medicine as a separate specialty in Nepal.
  • To create skilled human resources in the field of Critical Care Medicine.
  • To organize various short courses aimed at nursing staffs, medical staffs, residents, graduates and post graduate degree holders in critical care.
  • To improvise the ICUs, technology and techniques used and provide better care for patients.
  • To organize various seminars, meetings and conventions to create awareness to general public regarding the importance of Critical Care medicine.
  • To provide suggestions to the Government of Nepal regarding the policy and procedures and coordinate with other organizations setting the guidelines for health care practices in Nepal.
  • To investigate the current trends being followed in different hospitals in the ICUs and check if they are following the right policies. Further, to inform Ministry of Health, Nepal Medical Council or other related organizations in case of default.
  • To monitor all the Critical Care Specialists in the country and to develop protocols and Guidelines for the critical care.
  • To conduct regular CMEs to develop the skills of the NSCCM members.